VIRAL : Stunning Photo of a Palestinian protester in Gaza called the Photo of the Year

A photo of a 20 year old shirtless Aed Abu Amro protesting in Gaza, holding a Palestinian flag in one hand and a slingshot on the other has gone viral.

The photo was captured by on 22 October by Mustafa Hassouna of Turkey’s Anadolu Agency while a protest against the Israeli blockade in Gaza. The image was shared by Palestinian-American writer Yousef Munayyer and it viral within no time.

While speaking with Aljazeera, Aed Abu Amro said that he protests every Tuesday and Friday with his friends.”I was surprised this picture of me went viral,” he told Al Jazeera. “I participate in protests on a weekly basis, sometimes more. I didn’t even know there was a photographer near me.

“I don’t go to protests to get pictures of me taken, but this has encouraged me to continue demonstrating,” he said.

“If I get killed, I want to be wrapped in the same flag. We are demanding our right of return, and protesting for our dignity and the dignity of our future generation,” he said.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been protesting for nearly seven months with Israel demanding their right to return to the homes and land their families were expelled from 70 years ago.The protesters are also demanding an end to the crippling 11-year Israeli blockade.

Since 30 March, the Israeli forces have killed at least 205 Palestinians including journalists and paramedics and more than 18,000 have been injured.

Reactions on Twitter : 

The social media called the photo stunning, incredible. Some even compared it with the iconic French Revolution painting, Liberty Leading the People. Many called it ‘The Photo of the Year’.