Short Note of Importance of Oil in India

Oil serves as a fuel, a lubricant, and a raw material for a wide range of products. Its by-products are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and many other industries.

The importance of Oil in India can be seen in transportation, industrial power, light and heat, lubricant, petro-chemicals, and other uses.

  1. Importance of Oil in Transportation: Petrol (gasoline) and diesel oil are used to drive cars, buses, trucks etc. Aviation fuel is used by jet planes, heavy fuel by locomotives and steamships.
  2. Importance of oil in Industrial power generation: Oil is used to generate thermal electricity. Fuel oils and natural gas have largely replaced coal in the boilers and furnaces of factories.
  3. Importance of oil for Light and heat purpose: Oil is used for the central heating of homes and offices and paraffin (Kerosene) for lighting and cooking.
  4. Importance as a Lubricant: Vehicles, machinery and equipment’s need to be greased with lubricants to reduce friction.
  5. Importance of oil in Petro-chemicals: Petroleum by-products are used for making synthetic fibers, ink and drugs.
  6. Other uses: Asphalt, bitumen, pitch or tar are used for road making and roofing and paraffin and wax for making polishes and candles.