Uses of Mineral Resources in India

Mineral Resources in India such as coal, mineral oil, iron-ore, gypsum, limestone, dolomite, mica, bauxite etc. are used for the following purposes.

  1. Coal: 33% for railway, 20% for industrial plant, 11% for coke, 8% for thermal power, export and ship 5%, Household use 8%, for other purpose 6%. Coal is called black diamond. Coal has 1 lakhs 20 thousand bi-products like coke, coke gas, Varnish, Colour and Paint, Cement, Fertilizer, Explosive, Nylon, Terylin, Asphalt, Naptha, Thermocol, Thermal Electricity, Saccarine, Benzal, Polish, Ink etc.
  2. Mineral Oil: It has more than 80 thousand bi-products: Petrol, kerosene, fuel oil, lubricating oil, diesel, nylon, terylin, colour and paints, pesticides, explosive, chemicals, plastics, fertilizer.
  3. Iron-ore: Mainly used in iron and steel, Ship-building, Automobile, Railway, Aircraft, Heavy Machine tools, Engineering, construction, House-building, Arms and Ammunition, Utensils, Furniture.
  4. Gypsum: It is mainly used in chemical industries especially in fertilizer and other chemical products.
  5. Limestone and dolomite: Mainly used in Iron & steel, Paper, House-building, Color and Paints, Chemicals, Fertilizer etc.
  6. Mica: Mainly used in electrical goods, decoration, colour and paints, aeronautical engineering, motor transport, medicinal preparation, ornament etc.
  7. Bauxite: Used in aeronautical engineering, chemicals, color and paints, electrical goods, railway coach, Bus and Motor Coach, Electrical wires, Utensils, Furniture, Doors and windows, Coins and Image-making Industry.
  8. Copper: Mainly used in Electrical goods, making Engineering parts, Colors and Paints, Chemicals, Image making, Coins, Telephone etc.
  9. Manganese: Mainly used in iron and steels, and chemical industry, enamel power, glass and electrical equipment’s.