Climatic Condition for Growing Tea

Tea is a favorite drink all over the world today.

India is the largest producer and exporter of tea in the world. The ideal climatic conditions for the production and growing of tea are as follows:

  • Temperature: 21°C to 29°C is ideal for the production of tea. High temperature is required in summer. The lowest temperature for the growth of tea is 16°C.
  • Rainfall: 150-250 cm of rainfall is required for tea cultivation.
  • Soil: Tea shrubs require fertile mountain soil mixed with lime and iron. The soil should be rich in humus.
  • Land: Tea cultivation needs well drained land. Stagnation of water is not good for tea plants. Heavy rainfall but no stagnancy of water, such mountain slopes are good for tea cultivation.

A huge number of women labors along with plywood, packing box industry, factory sheds etc., are required for tea cultivation.

Assam is the largest producer of tea in India in quantity but West Bengal is noted for the fine quality of tea followed by Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and N.E. Hilly States.