BVG Life Sciences is a University of Agriculture Extension: Chandrakant Dalvi

Pune: “BVG Life Sciences is a university of agriculture extension,” saidFormer Collector Chandrakant Dalvi.
He was speaking at a gathering of farmers and distributors meet organized by BVG Life Sciences. At this time, BVG Chairman Hanmantrao Gaikwad, Umesh Mane, Deep Shukla, B. T. Gore, Ganesh Limaye and Bhalchandra Pol were present on the occasion.
Chandrakant Dalvi said that, “Agricultural universities work on agricultural research and agricultural expansion.  Similarly, work of BVG Life Sciences is in progress. In the past 3 years, BVG Life Sciences has performed better than the Agricultural Universities.”
He further added, “In order to make the progress of the country, BVG has increased farming based investment in the rural areas. BVG has won the trust of the farmers by giving justice to the farmers.  BVG has taken the lead in creating a market for the sale of poison free commodity. Farmers are no longer worried about commodity sales.”
Speaking on this occasion, Hanmantrao Gaikwad said, “BVG Life Sciences has launched a movement to create poison-free agriculture and healthy India. This year, 3000 new Agriculture Professionals will be recruited to strengthen the movement. Time has come that Agriculture should be taken as business and farmers as the entrepreneurs.”
The program was anchored by BVG Life Sciences’ Director Ganesh Limaye and Smita Pophale. Bhalchandra Pol, Head of Agricultural Department of BVG Life Sciences gave the vote of thanks.