BVG Life Sciences and DICCI aims to Create Farmer Entrepreneurs

Pune: Milind Kamble, chairman of the DICCI, said that the BVG India Limited and the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce (DICCI) will be setting up farmer entrepreneurs in the forthcoming years.
He was speaking at a gathering of distributors’ meet organized by BVG Life Sciences. On this occasion, BVG Group Chairman Hanamantrao Gaikwad, Comedy Club’s Makrand Tillu, Vishwa Shanti International Foundation’s Dr. Datta Kohenkar, Vasant Hankare, Pramod Shinde and other dignitaries were present.
Speaking on this occasion, Kamble said that it is the need of time to create a market for the sale of nontoxic commodity. The BVG Life Sciences has initiated the movement to make Indian agriculture poison free and double the income of the farmers by decreasing the production cost.  During the current climate change situation, BVG Products have been resulted as the back support of a farmer.
Speaking on this occasion, Hanmant Gaikwad said, ‘Farmers are the breadwinners of the world.  But now it is necessary to do the farming as a business.  The cost of farming must be reduced.  The use of chemical fertilizers is increasing in the hope of getting more production but it is dangerous for agriculture and for the health of the environment. It has short time benefits but it makes the agriculture land barren. So everyone should give priority to organic farming.  
He further said, “Farmers should first take the soil and water taste.  Farming can be a successful business if organic manure and agriculture technology is used in farming.  Everyone should take up the initiative of nontoxic farming technique. Everyone has a different skill. Use it.  Do business with skill based learning. Success is surely going to be a struggle. BVG India Ltd. is contributing 100% in agriculture, cleanliness,  health and wellness sector.”

Ganesh Limaye, Director of BVG Life Sciences and Smita Pophale gave the vote of thanks.

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