Aaplyatach Raahoo dyaa naa: A new comedy play

We are not new to the house owner and tenants’ problems on stage or in films.. “Aapalyatach raahoo dyaa naa” is a new comedy play with the same angle. Two tenants cannot pay their rent. Houseowner tries different approached to get them out. However, something goes wrong and then entails a comedy.
Paach Pandav productions and Samarth Production Navchaitanya Kala presents “Aapalyatach Raahoo dya na” has been written and directed by Sharanam Padmukh. Sudesh Mhashilkar,. Devyani More, Sagar Pawar, Dr. Reshma Bora, Suraj Kamble, Laxman Kamble, Kakasaheb Shirole, Mahendra Chavan, Ujjwala Gaud will be acting in this play. The first show will be done on 3 April 2015 at 5 pm.