‘Mala Ved Lagle Santanche’ On Stage!

Maharashtra is said the home of saints and the Warkari sect right from Sant Gyaneshwar to Tukaram and from Swami Samarth Ramdas to Shirdi Saibaba and this is the glorious legacy of Maharashtra. In this fast life of today, the sayings and principles of the saints have been forgotten and therefore people have lost their peace of mind and to remind people about the thoughts of these saints, the singer actor Tyagraj Khadilkar has brought a new play ‘Mala Ved Lagle Santanche’ and he has essayed 33 parts in the play. Under the aegis of Moksha Arts and producer Veena Khadilkar the play has been written and music composed is by Tyagraj Khadilkar and the direction and art is by Nyaneshwar Margaj. The award winning keertan singer Veena Khadilkar is turning producer in this play. whose family is devoted to the keertansfor the last three generations. The premiere of the play was graced by the presence of politician Neelam Gorhe and eminent hotelier Vitthal Kamath.
The play is an amalgamation of the sayingsand thoughts of the great saints but in todays career oriented fast internet life, the people have forgotten these sayings and have lost the spiritual bend of life and reading spiritual books and to bring to the people a spiritual and peaceful life, the play has been conceived. Instead of a keertan based play, the play has been brought in a musical play format to attract the young generation . The works of Sant Nyaneshwar, Chokhamala, Tukaram, Eknath, Ramdas, Saibaba, Swami Samarth, Janabai, Gajanan Maharaj etc have been sung in the play including verses composed by Hrishikesh Paranjape. The saints principles are eternal like Eknath Maharaj’s control over anger and Sai Baba’s faith and patience which can help people in their difficult times and this is the message that Thyagraj Khadilar wants to preach through his play.