Video : Burari Deaths’ CCTV footage found

The Delhi Police has found the CCTV footage that proves the members of Bhatia family in Delhi’s Burari planned their own deaths on 1 July.

The CCTV footage recovered from a camera installed outside a house opposite the Bhatia’s house shows the elder daughter in law, Savita and her daughter Neetu carrying 5 stools to the house which were later used for hanging.

Timeline :

10:00 PM-  The elder daughter in law and her daughter is seen bringing stools.

10:15 PM- Dhruv and Shivam, were seen taking electrical wires from a plywood shop which were used for suicide.

10:40 PM- 20 butter rotis were delivered to their residence from a nearby restraunt which they ate before committing suicide.

11:00 PM- Bhavnesh, the elder son is seen taking the dog out for a walk and is seen returning at 11:04 PM.

No one is seen entering the house until the milkman left the milk carton in the morning and the neighbors went upstairs at 7:15 PM to find the family hanging and Narayan Devi lying on the floor.

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