Ti-Mi- A new romantic song from Phuntroo released

This Valentine’s Day was made extra special as Phuntroo Team released their first romantic track. To hear such a nice contemporary love ballad with a brilliant cinematography is surely a treat. Though Phuntroo is a sci-fi film, it also portrays a passionate and complicated love story.
The film is about a college nerd and his love interest. Ketaki Mategaonkar, female lead of this film looks very cute. Her looks in this film have been designed as per modern college students,  and some of the accessories used by her will surely become a fashion trend. Madan Deodhar, the adolescent teenager from Balak Palak will be seen in the lead role for this film. His geeky look has been accentuated by curly hair and glasses.
Ti Mi is picturized on the backdrop of an engineering college and the chemistry between Madan and Ketaki is amazing. The sheer poetry written by Mandar Cholkar is really very romantic and fresh voice of Jasraj Joshi makes the track more pleasant. The song has been composed and arranged by Hrishikesh Saurabh Jasraj. There is a nice dreamy and lovely feel throughout this song. The guitar pieces make this track effortless and very romantic.
The Valentine’s Day for youth was made extra special by release of this cute track.