Phuntroo Trailer | Ketaki Mategaonkar, Madan Deodhar

With a lead pair that actually looks like College going kids, a sci-fi plot and amazing direction by Sujay Dahake makes Phuntrootrailer very exciting. The trailer is very fast-paced, neatly crafted and arouses curiosity about the film in the minds of the audience.
The film’s leading lady is gorgeous Ketaki Mategaonkar whose looks in this film have already become a fashion trend. The film also stars Madan Devdhar, Shivraj Waichal, Shivani Rangole, Ruthuraj Shinde, Anshumanm Joshi, Rohit Nikam et al.
Phuntroo is a science fiction film, a genre which not very much attempted in Marathi cinema. The experimental director of films like Shala, Dahake has managed to make another interesting film which will suit the palates of younger generation. The story unfolds in an engineering campus where a nerdy boy falls for a cute girl. However, the love story does not go in the regular fashion and what creates troubles for the young kid will be seen in the film.
The film will be releasing on March 11 all over Maharashtra.