Short Story of the Wolf and the Crane

Short Story of the Wolf and Crane is “Never trust a rogue”.

One day a bone stuck in the throat of a wolf. He tried his best to draw out the bone but he could not. He became restless with pain. He requested many animals to draw the bone out of his throat; but none came to his help.

At last the wolf offered a good reward to any animal that could draw out the bone.

A crane heard this. He came to the wolf and said, “I am ready to help you.”

The wolf said, “Please take out the bone and save my life. I shall give you a nice reward.”

Then the crane thrust his long bill into the throat of the wolf and drew out the bone.

“Now give me my reward,” said the crane.

The wolf said, “What a fool you are! You put your head into the throat of a wolf and you have safely drawn it out. It is not your reward?” So saying, the wolf went away.

Moral: Never trust a rogue.