Short Story of the Blue Jackal

The moral of the Story of the Blue Jackal is Do not pretend to be what you are not.

One day a jackal accidently entered into a washerman’s house. By chance the jackal fell into the indigo-vat. He came out of the vat. But his coat of hair, turned blue. He looked at the colour and said, ‘Oh!  What a grand colour I have. I am fit to be the king of the beasts.’

He entered the woods. All the beasts became amazed at the blue colour of the jackal. They took the jackal for a strange beast.

The jackal said, ‘Oh beasts of the forest, blue are the colour that kings and queens wear. The goddess of the forest has made me your king. From today I am your king.’

The beasts said, ‘You are our king, oh lord!’

Even tigers and lions owned him as their king. They began to attend on him.

The blue jackal became very proud. He began to hate other jackals of the forest.

One evening an old jackal said to his friends, ‘this blue king hates us. He is no other than a blue jackal. Let us set up a loud yell. He is sure to yell back. The tiger and the lion will at once find him out.’

So that jackals set up a loud yell. The blue king heard the yell. He yelled back.

From the yell a tiger at once knew him to be a jackal. He fell on the blue king and killed him.

Moral: Do not pretend to be what you are not.