Sai Tamhankar in big demand for fashion shows

Sai Tamhankar is the only actress from Marathi film industry, who is in big demand for the fashion shows. Moreover, her role in the film ‘Love Sonia‘ is also the topic of discussion everywhere. Recently, during the Lakme fashion Week, Sai was not only called by one fashion designer, but there were three invitations for her from Punit Balana, Disha Patil & Julie Shah. Having acted in few Bollywood films her popularity is going global with big demand coming from such fashion shows.

For these three different fashion shows displayed by the respective designers, Sai had an opportunity to display three different kinds of glamorous looks. For Puneet Balana show, she was dressed up in an elegant monochromatic Graphic Short dress with Ponytail hair style with Blue eyeliner. For Disha patil show she was dressed up in three piece with embroidery jacket on top, which invited all the attention of photographers, with flashes noticed non stop. And finally in Julie Shah’s show, she was dressed up in Dhoti cut Jum suite, which also presented her in a glamorous look.