Sacred Games Row : Actors Can’t Be Held Liable For Dialogues, Says High Court

The Delhi High Court said that actors cannot be held liable for the dialogues in the show while hearing a PIL demanding certain scenes from India’s first Netflix original – Sacred Games be censored as they defame late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

“Why have you made the actor as a party to the case? Can we stop a viewpoint from being aired? Should we stall such a viewpoint from being aired? Shouldn’t the viewer make up his own point?” the court said.

“It’s already on air. What do we stop?” it asked after Netflix’s lawyer Rajesh Gogna said that eight episodes of the series have already been broadcast and any more unlikely as of now.

The plea filed by lawyer Nikhil Bhalla through advocate Shashank Garg sought the removal of two contents that he maintained “tarnished” the image of the former Prime Minister.

The lawyer claimed that the series incorrectly depicted historical events such as the Bofors and Shah Bano cases, the Babri Masjid demolition and communal riots.

Meanwhile, in Kolkata Congress party member Rajeev Sinha has withdrawn a police complaint he had lodged on July 10 against Netflix and actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, among others, for allegedly insulting the former prime minister.

Sinha reportedly said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on the show “opened my eyes to the fact that the martyred Rajiv Gandhi-ji’s sacrifices for the country cannot be impacted by a line or two in a serial”.

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