Ronaldo’s Portugal head home after loosing to Uruguay, 2-1

Uruguay beat Portugal, 2-1, on Saturday in the round of 16 match and head into the quarterfinals. It was a two-goal effort by Edinson Cavani, a goal in each half, that carried the South Americans further. Hours prior Lionel Messi’s Argentina lost to France and now Cristiano Ronaldo, a five-time Ballon d’Or winner, is headed home.

With just 7 minutes in the match, Cavani crossed the ball completely across the field to Luis Suarez, his attacking counterpart. Suarez whipped the ball back to Cavani, who had raced to the goal and Cavani finished the job with a header. This left Portugal in a tough spot as Uruguay were yet to consider a goal in this tournament.

The equalizer for Portugal came in the 55th minute courtesy Pepe’s header when Raphael took the short corner. But just 7 minutes later, Uruguay was back on top with Cavani scoring another.

Portugal had 67% of the ball possession, created chances too, but failed to do what really mattered, Score! Especially in the second half Uruguay had only 30% of possession and the one goal Cavani scored was their only shot of any kind.

This was the first time since 1930 that Uruguay, a nation with only 3 million population have won their opening 4 matches. Portugal have now lost their last 4 world cup matches in the knockout stages of the tournament.

Uruguay will now play France in the quarter finals.