Rahul’s tweet eye-opener: Man withdraws complaint against Sacred Games

Congress worker Rajiv Sinha, who had filed a complaint against online series ‘Sacred Games’, withdrew his complaint on Monday. “Today Rahulji’s tweet was an eye-opener for me…Rajiv Gandhi ji and his contribution and charisma is above all these petty things,” he said. Congress President Rahul Gandhi had tweeted that a fictional web series cannot change people’s perception of his father.

Gandhi’s tweet, Sinha wrote a letter saying that he was inspired by the Congress chief’s words and decided to withdraw the complaint. “With the inspiration of tweet by our National President and voice of people Sri Rahul Gandhi ji, I learnt that forgiveness is much bigger than anything else in this mortal world,” he wrote.

“Today Rahulji’s tweet was an eye-opener for me. I completely agree with him that Bharat Ratna Late Rajiv Gandhi ji and his contribution and charisma is above all these petty things. Sri Rahul Gandhi has presented an example of forgiving, and we should stick to our principles of Gandhism, which is non-violent and for the sake of integrity and unity of our Country it is indeed the need of present situation in our country,” Sinha added.

The web series became the centre of controversy over certain scenes on late former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi using abusive language against him. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays the role of a Mumbai-based gangster in the series, calls Rajiv Gandhi a “fattu” (coward) in one of the scenes for not backing Shah Bano Begum in the matrimonial lawsuit since a section of the Muslim clergy were against her.

The character of Siddiqui further accuses Rajiv Gandhi of ordering the airing of Ramayana on television to appease Hindus and divert attention from the Shah Bano case. The show also makes a mention of the Bofors case.