Premaya Namah Trailer: An Action packed film about One Sided Love

Produced by Uttam Chorade under the banner ‘White Onion Entertainment’ & directed by Jagdish Watharkar ‘Premaya Namah’ is an upcoming Marathi film. The trailer of Premaya Namah suggests the film presents the story of a man falling in one sided love with a girl. Many films have been made on this storyline, however every now & then there comes a film that redefines the old style of story-telling.
Can ‘Premaya Namah’ be that film? Only time will tell. Apart from the ‘love story’ part the film also exhibits action. This can definitely attract more audiences towards the film. Action films are not that common in Marathi but there’s an audience for ‘action’ genre just like every other genre.

2017 has seen a few Marathi films that have clicked on the box office. Due to demonetization by the end of 2016 Marathi film fraternity’s box office got affected & many of the releases were postponed. Hopefully ‘Premaya Namah’ will be successful on the box office.