Dil Dosti Dobara : The New Era of Friendship Begins from 18th Feb!

Dil Dosti Duniyadari’ changed the whole equation of Marathi entertainment on T.V. A serial that glorified the youth culture & the beautiful relation of friendship is soon making a comeback with season 2. This time it has been titled ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ & it will be telecasted from 18th Feb at 10.30 pm Monday to Saturday on Zee Marathi.
The plot of ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ is not set in the previous ‘Majghar’, where Ashu, Sujay, Kaivalya, Minal, Reshma& Ana lived together & had enormous fun. Instead ‘Dild osti Dobara’ is designed in a new setting called ‘Khayali Pulav Restaurant’. Yes these six wonders of the world will be united through this restaurant. Their characters are now newly named as Sahil, Gaurav, Papya, Mukta, Anandi & Pari. So how exactly do they meet? Are they really running a restaurant together? If yes how? All these queries will soon be answered as the season begins.
On 18th Feb all these characters will be introduced to us through the flashback stories of their childhood! And then on a special episode scheduled on Sunday 19th Feb at 1 pm & 6 pm the story will actually kick start.
This new season ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ is produced by Santosh Kanekar under the banner ‘Atharva Theatres & Arts’ & is directed by Adwait Dadarkar & Swapnil Murkar. The story & screenplay is written by Sudeep Modak & Abhishek Khankar. The super talented Samir Saptiskar has composed a rocking title track for the serial. Along with the crowd favorites Amey Wagh, Suvrat Joshi, Pushkaraj Chirputkar, Pooja Thombre, Sakhi Gokhale & Swanandi Tikekar ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ will also star few other actors.
So don’t forget to taste this brand new recipe of friendship named ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ at ‘Khayali Pulav Restaurant’ only on Zee Marathi from 18th Feb.

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