Modi Government Scraps 1,500 Laws

Did you know, according to the Indian Aircraft Act,1934, kites were also considered aircrafts and one needed to obtain a permit as required for flying a plane ? Yes. It’s bizzare.

Another one, under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act 1914, an inspector should have had wellbrushed teeth, and would have been disqualified if he or she had a pigeon chest, knock knees, flatfeet or hammer toes. Truly hilarious, ain’t it ?

It’s not over yet. A centuryold law said the toll tax for boats ferrying passengers across the river Ganga could not be more than two annas. Wait ! Annas are no more used right.

Ok, last one. Under Indian Treasure Trove Act 1878, you can be jailed if you find anything that is worth more than Rs.10 and do not report it to a revenue officer. Yes, there was such a law.

The Narendra Modi led government has scrapped 1,500 of these redundant, archaic and bizzare laws from the statute books and as many as 2000 more obsolete laws are yet to be terminated. The previous governments had chopped off 1,301 such laws.

“The Modi government is determined to relegate several archaic Acts to history. Laws need to be consonant with the times, law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said this year, reported India Today.

During the 2014 election campaign, Modi promised that if the BJP came to power, for every law passed, his government would repeal 10 obsolete ones.