Aadhaar Exposè : TRAI Chief Shares Aadhaar Number, Personal Data Leaked

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Chairperson Ram Sewak Sharma on Saturday shared his Aadhaar number on Twitter, challenging people to show him how their knowledge of the number could be used to harm him.

A hacker that goes by the username Elliot Alderson and whose bio reads – French Security Researcher – hacked RS Sharma’s personal details such as his PAN and mobile number using the Aadhaar number.

Some Twitter users claimed to have dug out his mobile number, photographs, residential address, date of birth and even chat threads based on his Aadhaar number.

The hacker wrote, “If your phone numbers, address, date of birth, bank accounts and other personal details are easily found on the Internet you have no privacy.” He added that he isn’t against Aadhaar but he is against those people who think Aadhaar is unhackable.

When contacted by PTI, Mr Sharma declined to make any detailed comment on the matter by saying, “Let the challenge run for some time”.

Mr Sharma himself continued to engage in the verbal duel with the Twitterati till late Saturday night.