#MeToo : India should’ve been the first, why wait for a ‘too’..??

Be you anyone, one can readily imagine and feel the trauma and pain a woman goes through when sexually assaulted. Recently trending ‘Me too’ campaign in India has encouraged many of the ladies to speak up about the ill incidents faced by them at work. Actually, the position of women in the fields of media is not safe, is what is understood in the wide spectrum..! Nothing wrong in it at all, but the bizzareness to be noticed is that, we as women had to wait for some campaign to be heard.

This is where the nation and the psyche of the authorities come into focus. It’s not like there were no cases reported at all before ‘Me too’ campaign started in India. But the question is how seriously the nation took around. Tanushree Dutta being the one to open up the bar, the other ladies felt an indirect need to speak up. This is where we as women become weak. Why din’t the women victims speak up at that point of time..? Why after so long, 10 years, 15 years..?

Some of them specifically mentioned about their ‘talk on the assault’ issue way back when it occurred. In these cases it is assumed that the legal authority had not been in a position to support the victim. Instead the victim at these times was threatened about loss of fame and name. Even today many of the girls face the problem of eve teasing, rapes, leather exchange, black-mails but avoid entering the legal doors as they fail to do justice. In fact, sometimes it is these authorities who are involved directly in the sexual harassment. It is weird and horrifying as it sounds..!

The Government is trying to take action now and have decided to look after the ‘Me too’ cases seriously. The Union Minister Maneka Gandhi said that she believes in the women who have come out with accounts of sexual harassment. Some straight questions to be put up on this. Where was the Government when these ladies opened up few years back ? Why is it that these women victims had to wait for a campaign to be heard? Inspite of reporting the case, why is the accounted justice yet awaited in most of the cases ? The politicians must at least show some maturity and genuineness in such situations, instead of making it a political agenda for campaigning.

No girl child, no lady, no woman is safe around today. Media almost everyday have half a dozen reports in relation to sexual harassment. A news channel recently covered a rape story of a 14 months baby girl who couldn’t even utter a word. How horrific that sounds..! Such criminals should be named and shamed in the public, later hanged to death..! Also it is the psyche of men to be changed who look into every girl as a material and use it as a consideration. Not only in India, but also in the other nations this change needs to be implemented.

Lust, sensuality, sexual harassment are just acrimonious. The world is so far more beautiful above all these. There is much more interesting things to explore around, above these premotions. Now, looking forward to a better society which seems to be a fantasy, and a positive change in the muscular psyche, which has always been fancy (meaning: an irrational belief)..!!