India to host ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ this World Environment Day

A mother giving birth to a child has to suffer a lot and expects the child to take immense care of, in the future. She spends whole her life in nurturing and pampering the child and fulfilling all the wishes connecting. The child in turn is supposed to nourish and gratify the blessings and the commitment of the soul towards it’s survival.

Similar is the relationship between the habitat and the society. It is the natural domain who is the root of our survival and now it’s our turn to preserve the habitat. Environment in fact, is the surrounding in which a person, animal or a plant lives or operates, the natural world which nourishes the lives. But in the current scenario, environment can be very well described as the one suffering because of the lives it has nourished all the way till date. The rising ill effects of the pollution, erosion, natural crimes,etc and ultimately the human is responsible for this condition.

This day i.e, the World Environment Day in particular is the medium or the global platform to reach the people, encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our natural territory. Over the years this day is celebrated throughout the globe with the same motives, objectives and enthusiasm focusing on specialised themes undertaken. Last year the theme for the day was, ‘ Connecting people to the nature, in the city and on the lands from the poles to the equator’, hosted by Canada. However, this year it is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ hosted by India. The basic agenda behind this theme is to save the environment from plastic and polypropylene material.

In the past few years, thankfully there is enough awareness spread amongst the people to combat the air,noise, water, soil pollution and today almost all are acknowledged to control the emerging ill effects. The education system, corporate system, social groups have played a major role in this perception. Along with other categories of pollution as mentioned earlier which have their own ill qualities, plastic pollution is also on hike. Today if we keenly observe, we would realise that plastic has become an integral part of human life across the globe. Each significant aspect whether small or large, involves some quantum of plastic. Gradually, the essence of this problem lies in it’s solution which is to be understood, accepted and most importantly adopted by the public.

Use of plastics is not at all harmful unless it is destroyed, disposed or recycled effectively. Many of the recycling machines in the country are out of service, only because they are not fed enough. No plastic waste is recycled, is what is widely observed to an extent. Along with the 3R policy ie ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ it is necessary to some significant practices to beat this pollution. Separating the plastic waste from the common waste, recycling it instead of using it as a substitute to bin bags, reducing the use of plastic bags and replacing it with the cloth bags are some of the initial steps which can be easily implemented by the public. Ultimately, people know everything as very well sung, ‘ yeh jo public he yeh sab jaanti he’, the measure lies in action, implementation and adoption.

In the end, it is we who are going to suffer. So why not make our lives safe by securing our future to be pollution free instead of Plastic free, all in our own way..!

Wishing everyone on this wonderful day..!

(This is an opinion piece and the views expressed are the author’s own.  The POST neither endorses nor is responsible for them.) 

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