Importance of Indian National Bird (Peacock)

Peacock is the national bird of India and hence very important for the Indians. It is really a rare and lovely sight for the beauty-loving people. So the peacock has rightly been chosen as the national bird of our country. Its rhythm of gait, it’s a keenness to the green vegetation, its keen response to the changing season-all have drawn

It closer to the poet than any other bird. The Indian sub-continent is the native place of the peacock and they are found in different other parts of Asia. The male peacock is good looking but the female peacock is very ugly to look. It has two rough legs and a long beak. The most beautiful part of a male peacock is its long tail. One of the most beautiful sights in the world of birds is that of a peacock displaying the beauty of its glittering tail features. The male bird cannot charm its mate by song, but it does so with bright colors.

The Indian Blue Peacock is a universally known bird with a fan- shaped crest. Golden peacocks are found in Burma, Assam and other North-Eastern States. The Indian Peacock is protected as a national bird. The rainy season is very favorite with the peacock. When it rains, it becomes very happy and starts spreading its nicely coloured tail. Various references about the peacock are found in Hindu mythology. In the Bible too, when the queen of sheva visited king Soloman, she brought peacock’s feathers and gifted it to the king. Alexander also took peacock’s features for delighting his people before living India. The Peacock established itself as the royal bird during the Gupta period. Asoka said that the killing of deer and peacock was an offence. Aurangzeb also ordered a ban on shooting and killing of peacocks. It. eats insects, snakes, and frogs etc. So, it is very popular among the farmers. From ancient times, peacock has drawn the attention of poets, emperors, invaders, warriors for its beauty and grace. It is no doubt that undoubtedly peacock is one of the most beautiful birds of the world.