Bajirao Peshwa 1

Bajirao Peshwa-1, also known as Thorale Bajirao, was the eldest son of Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire. He was born on August 18, 1700. Shahu Maharaj, the fourth Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire, appointed Bajirao-1 as the peshwa on 27th April, 1720. Baji Rao 1 was then merely twenty years old.

Bajirao-1 possessed of a robust and uncommon spirit, acute intelligence and practical commonsense. Besides being adept in horsemanship, he was well versed in accounts and fully acquainted with the practical arts of administration and diplomacy. He correctly judged the rotten condition of the Mughal Empire and formed a plan to wrest as many of its provinces as possible.

Shahu Maharaj was highly impressed with the qualities of Bajirao-1 and gave permission to expand the Maratha Empire.


It is believed that he fought 41 battles and never lost anyone.

Baji Rao crossed the Narmada in force and overran Malwa.  Baji Rao desired a permanent foothold in Malwa, and the time was favorable for such a venture.

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Baji Rao next decided to invade Gujarat and reached Ahmedabad and concluded a treaty with the new governor of that province, Maharaja Abhai Singh of Marwar.

The Maratha army of Baji Rao defeated the Mughals in the Battle of Delhi. The Mughal Emperor was compelled to hand over the whole of Malwa with the complete sovereignty of the territory between the Narmada and the Chambal.

In 1739 The Maratha army under the leadership of Chimaji Appa defeated the Portuguese rules of Vasai in Maharashtra. Chimaji Appa was the brother of Baji Rao.

Bajirao Peshwa-1 died on April 28, 1740