Give reservation to Marathas- Sharad Pawar

Kolhapur: Sharad Pawar has demanded that the government should give reservation to Maratha, Dhangar and other communities even if the government has taken a decision to amend the constitution. NCP chief Sharad Pawar has targeted the government saying that there is unrest in Maharashtra on the issue of Maratha reservation. In Kolhapur, when Sharad Pawar took a press conference today, he has targeted the government over the issue of Maratha reservation. Sharad Pawar also said that today’s coalition government will give reservation for Dhangar community and give reservation to Maratha community, but the government did not fulfill the promises made at the time given after the formation of the government, hence the Maratha community has become aggressive today. The decision was made during the decision of the NCP and the Congress government. During that period, 16 percent seats were filled in government recruitment.

“My party is small in parliament, but Maratha community should resolve this issue by amending the constitution to get reservation. Sharad Pawar also clarified that the responsibility of bringing the protesters together and requesting me to correct the incident.
The anger against the state government is coming out of this agitation. Therefore, Sharad Pawar has demanded that the government should maintain a strong stand in the Supreme Court.

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