abuse of children in Pune Madrasa

Two children of a madrasa in the Katraj area of ​​Pune have been caught in the horrific incident of sexual assault. Maulvi has been arrested in this connection. Maulana Rahim is the name of Maulvi. In this case, crime has been registered in the Bharti University police station. Other 25-30 children from Madarasa have been suspected for sexual abuse. Two boys had fled from Madrasa. At that time, he was said to have run away due to sexually exploiting the other children of the Maulvi. Meanwhile, police arrested Maulana Rahim (21) Friday evening.

In this case, the child rights activist Dr. Yamini Adbe complained to the police. After this complaint, the police inquired and arrested Maulvi from Madarasa.  police released 36 children from Madarasa. the Maulvi is a resident of Bihar. Most of the children of this madrasa are from Bihar.

How did the incident get information?

Information about this case was received when one NGO searched for two children who had escaped from Madrasa. These early children refused to say anything. But later these children told . The Child Welfare Committee talked with the children of madrasa.