Disaster In God’s Own Country, Death Toll Rises To 324, Kochi Airport Shut Till August 26

Kerala :

God’s own country – Kerala is facing the worst floods in the last 100 years, which have claimed 324 lives over the last nine days. The state is facing a worst monsoon in which 108 lives were lost on a single day, Thursday (16 August 2018). Over 2 lakh people have become homeless which are set in over 1500 relief camps, informed the Chief Minister Pinayari Vijayan.

To add to the misery, fuel stations are running dry, hospitals are facing oxygen shortage, the Kochi airport is under water and will be closed till 26 August, also mobile networks are shut down.

All districts apart from Kasargod are under red alert. The Meteorological Department has warned that heavy rains may affect the other 13 districts. The Chief Minister has warmed every one to remain cautious and stop spreading misinformation. The CMO has released helpline numbers for the 14 districts of the state.

The Defence Ministry has provided 1300 life jackets, 512 lifebuoys, 1000 raincoats, 300 gumboots, 1200 ready to eat meals, 1500 food packets and 104 motor boats for rescue and relief operations.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already left for Kerala to take a stock of the situation, after attending the funeral of Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.