Dashakriya (2017) – Marathi Movie

  • Movie : Dashakriya (2017) | दशक्रिया
  • Producer : Mrs. Kalpana Vilas Kothari
  • Director : Sandeep Bhalachandra Patil
  • Studio : Rangneel Creations
  • StarCast :
    • Dilip Prabhavalkar
    • Manoj Joshi
    • Aditi Deshpande
    • Nandkishor Chougule
    • Milind Pathak
    • Uma Sardeshmukh
    • Asha Shelar
    • Santosh Mayekar
    • Pankaj Chemburkar
    • Umesh Mitkari
    • Aarya Adhav
    • Vinayak Ghadigaonkar
    • Anand Karekar
    • Jayvant Wadkar
  • Story : Based On Baba Bhand’s Novel ‘Dashakriya’
  • Screenplay & Dialogue : Sanjay Krishnaji Patil
  • Music : Amitraj
  • Lyrics : Sanjay Krishnaji Patil
  • Singers : Swapnil Bandokar, Pruthviraj Mali, Kasturi Wavare, Aarti Kelkar, Arohi Mhatre
  • Sound Designer : Mahavir Sabnnavar
  • Background Score : Milind Joshi
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Mahesh Aney
  • Editor : Sunil Jadhav
  • Art Director : N
  • Choreographer : Subhash Nakashe
  • Costumes :  Sachin Lovalekar
  • Make-Up : Shrikant Desai
  • Executive-producer :  Ram Kondu Kondilkar
  • Genre :  Comedy
  • Censor Ratings : (U/A)
  • Release Date : 17/11/2017

Synopsis : After the cremation of the deceased, certain rituals are performed for the next thirteen day, as there is a belief that these rituals lead the deceased to Moksha i.e. salvation from the cycle of rebirths. Immersion of ashes is performed on the third day and the final round of rituals takes place on the tenth day. These rituals are to be performed on the banks of the Ganges, the sacred river. The emotionally vulnerable family of the deceased readily performs the rites as per the instructions of the Kirvant i. e. the section of the Brahmin community who is supposed to lead all the last rites and thereby earn their living. The Kirvants, looked down upon by the rest of the Brahmin community, exploit the emotions of the bereaved family to satiate their greed. The whole exercise is thus commercialized crossing all the limits. ‘ Dashakriya ’ ( The Tenth Day Ritual) profoundly depicts this harsh reality.
While revealing the disturbing reality around the last rites, their commercialization and the emotional exploitation of the bereaved family ‘ Dashakriya ’ focuses on how even the Kirvant kids mindlessly get involved in the business due to extreme poverty.

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