Who were called the Western Chalukyas?

Answer:  The Western Chalukyas were a fraction of the Chalukyas of Badami. In the later half of the tenth century A.D. (A.D. 973) a prince named Tailapa II founded this dynasty after defeating the Rashtrakutas. Tailapa II made Manyakheta his capital. He defeated Paramara Murja, the king of Malwa. The dynasty he founded also came to be known as Chalukyas of Kalyani when a king of this dynasty Somesvara shifted the capital to the beautiful city of Kalyani.

The greatest ruler of this dynasty was Vikramaditya VI or Vikramanka (A.D. 1076-1126). He was a very powerful monarch and patron of learning, His court was adorned with poets like Bilhan, the author of Vikramankadeva Charita and scholars like Viganeshwara.