BJP breaks alliance with PDP in Jammu Kashmir, Governor’s rule to be imposed

New Delhi:-

The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has pulled out of its alliance with Mehbooba Mufti’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Jammu and Kashmir, now leaves the state under Governor’s rule.

“We have taken a decision, it is untenable for BJP to continue an alliance with PDP in Jammu Kashmir, hence we are withdrawing.” Ram Madhav said.

Today, the BJP had called it’s cabinet ministers in Jammu Kashmir to New Delhi for consultation with the party leadership.

State BJP president Ravinder Raina and other ministers met party leaders including national president Amit Shah.

The relationship of the parties for three years had always been strained. Earlier, the PDP reportedly had threatened to break the alliance over the issue of two BJP ministers rallying behind the Hindu Ekta Manch in the Kathua rape case.

The PDP and BJP had disagreements over the center’s decision to end it’s Ramzan ceasefire with terrorists.

“Terrorism, violence and radicalisation have risen and fundamental rights of the citizens are under danger in the valley.” Madhav said. He even cited the killing of ‘Rising Kashmir’ editor Shujaat Bhukari as an example.

He mentioned that even if the Governor’s rule is imposed on the state, the party will fight terrorism.

“Keeping in mind larger interest of India’s security and integrity, fact is that J&K is an integral part of India, in order to bring control over the situation prevailing in the state we have decided that the reigns of power in the state be handed over to the Governor.” said the General Secretary

He also stated that the BJP ministers faced difficultly in the Mehbooba government.

“Centre did everything for the Valley. We’ve tried to put a full-stop to the ceasefire violations by Pak. PDP has not been successful in fulfilling its promises. Our leaders have been facing a lot of difficulties from PDP in developmental works in Jammu & Ladakh.” said Madhav

PDP has maximum 28 seats followed by BJP with 25 seats in the state. 44 being the majority mark, the ball is now in the court of National Conference, Congress and the Others with 15, 12 and 7 seats respectively.

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अखेर भाजप-पीडीपीचा काडीमोड, जम्मू काश्मीरमध्ये राज्यपाल राजवटीची शक्यता

मेहबूबा मुफ्तींचा राज्यपालांकडे मुख्यमंत्रीपदाचा राजीनामा सुपूर्द