The ghastly murder of Mrs India Earth finalist Shailza Dwivedi

Nikhil Handa, a 40 years old army officer was arrested from Meerut on Sunday for allegedly killing Major Amit Dwivedi’s wife, Shailza.The body of the finalist of Mrs India Earth pageant 2017 was found with her throat slit near Brar square cantonment, New Delhi.

Major Nikhil, a father of two children and a beautiful wife, was having an extra marital affair with Shailza Dwivedi which initiated with stalking her over Facebook. He was obsessed with the victim and wanted to marry her. He had fallen in love with her during his posting in Dimapur, Nagaland. The affair was going smooth until Handa persuaded the victim to leave her husband and marry him. The cops have reported that around 3000 calls were made by Handa to the victim since 1 January 2018 and the call records showed that Shailaja had begun rejecting his calls. Her husband caught them during a video call and confronted his wife and warned Nikhil to not come close to his wife and his house. Handa’s obsession was burning him inside.

The police has stated that he was already planning to kill Shailza for the rejection of marriage proposal. He was reported carrying two Swiss knives during the murder.

Police sources said that Major Handa had reached Delhi on Saturday to meet Shailza and had picked her up from Delhi Cantonment in his Honda city car. She was killed near to the hospital where she had gone for a physiotherapy session and her husband suspected Handa for her alleged murder from the CCTV footage of the hospital. Major Handa allegedly slit Shailza’s throat and ran his car over her body three times to make her death appear like an accident. He was missing after the murder scene.

Meanwhile he had told one of his female friends that he had killed Shailza. He had also called his brother and borrowed Rs. 20000 from him. The police traced Handa’s movements over 200 CCTV cameras and searched almost 500 guest houses in Meerut to zero in on Handa’s location. The police recovered toll plaza tokens that showed Handa travelled from Delhi to Meerut. He was nabbed by the police when he was trying to escape in his silver coloured car from the officer’s mess in Meerut cantonment.

What’s happening to army officers? Why they are bringing shame to the Indian army?

If such happens in case of a civilian, the news is just another day to day murder but when it comes to an army officer, it is definitely adding a stain to the Indian Defence Services.

But nothing SURPRISING

A dead fish spoils the whole pond.

A Quoran answered to the question ‘Is the case of Major Handa and Shailza Dwivedi a sad reality of our armed forces?

Why to connect this incident with whole of the Armed forces?? Daily these kinds of incidents we read and hear happening in and around the country. How can you expect any profession or work place to have only sane and enlightened individuals?? People with criminal instincts are present every where and judging them from outside is a big “impossible”. We only come to know about someone’s personality when things of these kinds happen.So stay safe and alert.

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