Zonal Cultural Centres in India (Cultural Zones)

Zonal Cultural Centres in India have been conceptualized with the aim of projecting cultural relationship transcending territorial bounds. The aim of Cultural Zones in India is to stimulate presence of the local cultures and heritage in various regional zones and how these cultures merge together to form the rich heritage of Indian culture. Besides, these are also intended to document, preserve and to sustain the vanishing art forms and oral traditions. The involvement of artists and creative people has been inbuilt in the set-up through a system of autonomous governance.

The Cultural Zones in India are:

  1. North-Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala;
  2. Eastern Zone Cultural Centre Santiniketan;
  3. South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur;
  4. West Zone Cultural Centre, Udaipur;
  5. North-Central Zone Cultural Centre, Allahabad;
  6. North-East Zonal Cultural Centre, Dimapur and
  7. South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur.

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