Zing Zing Zing Zing Zingaat!!! – A new song from Sairat | Ajay-Atul

Ajay-Atul has once again proved that this dynamic musician duo can enthrall us with their songs any time. Their new song Jhingaat does the same! The song talks about crazy effects of love. That’s how we would like to define this song. Complete utter craziness.
Sairat, a much awaited movie by Nagraj Manjule will be releasing on 29 April. The film has already aroused our curiosity with their every song and promo. Jhingat promo has some glimpses of the film, but promo also has lyrics of the song making us begging for some more.
The song has a very great rhythm and can make anyone tap their feet immediately. The fusion of western beats and Indian tashe has created a great effect altogether. The song is going to be a sure hit in many weddings, processions and festivals, but this will be also become a favourite in disco bars and DJ parties.
With the release of the film is less than a month, Jhingat will definitely create another buzz for the film. However, knowing Nagraj Manjule and his line of work we are sure that film will not only be a great entertainer but will have a strong content as well.
The film has created lots of buzz in various film festivals including prestigious Berlin Film Festival. The film has received good reviews from these festivals. The film is slated to release on 29 April.