Zenda Swabhimanacha- A film based on the education system

Zenda Swabhimanacha, a film directed by Vishwas Ranjane will be releasing very soon. The film talks about the current education system and how the under-privileged children can get education in such situations.
Vishwas has earlier made a short film – Janeev. The short story was immensely liked by the government officials of Maharashtra and it was shown in various schools. To make this subject more broad, Ranjane has made the same short film into a feature film. Ranjane could not finish his own education due to poor economical conditions. However, he worked very hard to complete his wife’s education. He started working in art mediums like paintings, murals. He also started doing Bharud folk music programs in villages. After working on the stage for such filk arts, Ranjane decided to make a short film.

After the success of his short film, he has made this feature film by taking a loan. He is very confident about this film. The film will be releasing theatrically very soon.