Winter is a great time to exercise

Regular exercise strengthens the immune system and helps to fight off infections

In Winters, it’s really hard to stay motivated about your health and fitness!!We tend to take on a “Snuggle up” mentality, we eat more and we do less – human hibernation! Winter also brings the cold, illness, the blues and isolation.

Considering which, exercise in winter can provide more benefit than exercise during the rest of the year, because it specifically answers our winter body needs.As the days draw in and temperatures drop, you may be tempted to hang up your exercise gear and hibernate.The importance of exercise in winters are:-

– Regular exercise strengthens the immune system and helps to fight off infections
– It helps to keep the body warm and active
– Daily workout releases feel-good, de-stress brain chemicals
– It gives a break from the daily grind and helps ease depression
– It helps to prevent weight gain

Some of the precautions that one need to take while doing exercise in winters are :-

– Do not go out for walk in a foggy or chilly weather
– Avoid exercising out door when pollution level in the atmosphere in high
– Go for walk or exercise during the day time
– Stay active indoor
– Jog on spot and moderate exercises can be done inside the house
– Joining a gym may be useful

It feels really hard to stay motivated about health and fitness in the cold weather We often get lazy during the cold days. But workout is important to boost our immunity.

Some of the correct way to do exercise are:-

– Avoid doing strenuous or vigorous exercise in the beginning
– Start an exercise program with the warm-up
– Do low intensity exercises for 5 to 10 minutes
– Do stretching or slow walking
– Do main intensity exercises for about 30 minutes
– Close the exercise session with 5 to 10 minutes of cool down phase

Precautions one must take while doing exercise are:-

– Consult a doctor before starting an exercise program, in case you have a medical condition
– Do light exercises for few days if restarting to exercise after a long time
– Do the gym workout under the supervision of a professional trainer
– Exercise 30 to 45 minutes for at-least five days in a week

Stay active throughout winter to beat those seasonal blues and feel fit and energetic.