Who was Bairam Khan?

Bairam Khan was Emperor Humayun’s trusted friend. On the death of Humayun in 1556 he took the initiative and necessary measures for proclaiming Akbar as the successor of Humayun on the throne of Delhi. Akbar consequently became the Emperor of India and Bairam ruled on his behalf. But Delhi was soon lost and it was the courage and generalship of Bairam which enabled Akbar to win the Second Battle of Panipat in 1556. In fact, the restoration of Mughal family was mainly due to him.

Bairam was the Khan Baba or Protector of Akbar during his minority. Akbar who by now reached the age of 18 decided to take up administration in his own hands and dismissed Bairam Khan in 1560. Bairam rebelled, but was taken prisoner and pardoned. Later on his pilgrimage to Mecca he was assassinated.

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