Western Coastal Plains of India

The Western Coastal Plains of India is narrow just as the east coast is very wide. It lies along the western coast of India.

The northern portion of the west coast is called Konkan and the southern portion Malabar. The south Malabar or Kerala coast is broken and there are some lagoons. The north Malabar Coast is known as the Karnataka coast. Here the Saraswati river, before entering the plains, descends down a 275 m high cliff and forms the celebrated Gersoppa falls.

The Western Coastal Plains extend 1,500 km from Cape Comorin in the south to Surat in north, the width ranging from 10 to 25 km from north to south, the Gujarat Plains the Konkan plains (Daman to Goa, 500 km), the Karnataka coastal plains (225 km south from Goa), and the Kerala coastal plains from Cannanore to Cape Comorin, 500 km make up the west coastal plains. The West Continental shelf is widest (350 km) of the coast of Bombay where the oil-rich Bombay High has become famous.