Well Done Bhalya (2016) – Marathi Movie


  • Movie : Well Done Bhalya (2016) | वेल डन भाल्या
  • Producer : Chaitali K. and Amol Kale
  • Directer : Nitin Kamble
  • Studio : Achintya Films and Siddhi Aaradhya Films
  • Star Cast : Nandkumar Solkar, Ramesh Dev, Sanjay Narvekar, Alka Kubal, Ganesh Jadhav, Mitali Jagtap, Sanjay Khapare, Anshuman Vichare, Sharad Ponkshe, Namrata Jadhav, Rajesh Kamble, Sourabh Karvande, Nitin Kamble, Mahesh Kute, Gary Jeevan Karalkar, Prathamesh Kawle and Sahil Joshi
  • Story : Nitin Supekar
  • Screenplay : Nitin Supekar and Nitin Kamble
  • Music : Trupti Chavan
  • Lyrics : Shashi Tupe
  • Director of Photography : I. Giridharan and Shanusingh Rajputh
  • Background Score : Trupti Chavan
  • Art Director : Mahendra Raut
  • Editor : Samir Sheikh and Pravin Kumar
  • Make Up : Laxman Jadhav
  • Costumes : Chaitrali Dongre
  • Sound : Dinesh Ucchil and Shantanu Akerkar
  • Co-Producer : Sunil Mahajan
  • Production Controller : Sanjay Kamble
  • Genre  : Drama
  • Release Date : 18th March 2016


The story of Well Done Bhalya starts on the outstays of village ‘Pali’ surrounded by natured beauty where
‘Bhalchandra’ lives with his people. They all sell fruits, Flowers, Honey etc on Hill Station and Market to earn a living. Instead of taking education ‘Bhalya’ has to work because of his poverty. But in this situation also only a thing of pleasure for him is his passion for cricket
But his father ‘Shukrya’ hates cricket as Bhalya neglects working with him and spends his time in cricket and his father has to incur heavy losses. According to ‘Shukrya’ cricket means for rich society as well as he gets bad behavior from rich society.
In this adverse condition Bhalya continues his love towards cricket. Gradually the cricket
club of Pali noticed Bhalya’s passion for cricket Because of his batting they all come very close to Bhalya. Ignoring all the rules of their club they started to train Bhalya. But the founder of club and MLA Shri Gajabhao dosen’t agree this as he has two obstacle in this political career and his son’s cricket career are Bhaly’s cricket and the other is tribal people and Shukrya has to listen a lot from Gajabhao and when when he comes to know that Bhaly’s cricket is the main reason behind Gajbhao’s anger and that’s only rich society notice BHaly’s tribe, he decides to support Bhalya. So there clashes between two father.
In the pali cricket club Bhaly’s has to face malice who is Gajabhao son. But to see
Bhalya’s batting other players in the club decide to make (by hiding his iddentiey) Bhalya play under 16 team even though he is not a member of the club. In this match Bhalya’s great batting wins the match in very difficult situation.
Mr. Richanr Poal saw Bhalya’s passion and hard work towards cricket in adverse situation and wrote a book named “Wel done Bhalya’…..

Well Done Bhalya Marathi Movie Poster / Still Photos :

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