Warkaris delayed due to Maratha morcha agitation

Pune: Warkaris going back home after travelling on foot for 21 days suffered a lot after the Maratha community continued its agitation in several districts across Maharashtra on Tuesday calling for Maharashtra bandh.

More than 300 warkaris of Hingoli from dindi number 106 and 36 travelling back to their village by trucks and jeeps from Pandharpur were stopped at Satara chowk for more than four hours due to the protests.

Also around 250 warkaris of Chafodi village, Karvir taluka, Kolhapur district, dindi number 331 travelling back to their village were stopped at Miraj-Sangola Pandharpur road for almost two hours.

Dnyaneshwar Kulal, president of dindi 106, said, “All the dindis will leave from Pandharpur to their villages on July 27. But some warkaris from our dindi have already left and they had got caught in the bandh at Satara chowk for more than four hours. They contacted us, saying that more than 300 warkaris from our dindi and from dindi number 36 were being stopped and were not allowed to proceed further from the chowk from 10 am to 2.30 pm. From our dindi there were 20 to 30 trucks and 30 to 40 trucks and jeeps which were affected due to the protest.”