Tola Tola: A new romantic song from Tu Hi Re

Amit Raj’s new song- Tola Tola song deserves to be best in the album of Tu Hi Re. Beautiful romantic lyrics of Guru Thakur and silky voice of Bela and Amit has made this song an ultimate new age romantic song. Kudos to Guru Thakur for writing a romantic song without using any clichéd words and phrases. Mesmerizing song has been picturised on some beautiful locations, the cinematography is magical.
Sanjay Jadhav directed Tu Hi Re is a love triangle story of a man, his village wife and city based modern girlfriend.Tola-Tola-Marathi-Song-Lyrics-Tu-Hi-Re-Movie
The song is picturised on Swwapnil Joshiand Tejaswini Pandit. The couple seems to be falling in love with each other throughout the song. The various shots and collages are typical for any new romance. Tejaswini is suppose to be studying in a college (we sincerely pray to god that Swwapnil’s character is NOT a college student again!) Tejaswini looks glamorous diva in her short dresses and cute hair accessories. Her makeup styling has gone slightly overboard (seriously, those dark lipsticks for a bath-tub shot?)
As far as Swwapnil is concerned he is trying so hard to be Marathi SRK! SRK’s signature style of raising both hands slowly and then messing his own hair has been copied at least twice in the song. Though, SRK also stays fit and does not have a fat belly, just saying! The shot of throwing away those red chillies is fabulous and again reminds us SRK!