Tea Seller Turned Filmmaker’s Fandi in Theatres from 20th of July

Lots of youngsters aspire to be actors & in that hope they reach Mumbai! But very few of them manage to make their dreams true. When there are many examples of artists who have struggled and returned home unsuccessfully there is the example of Ajit Sable from Khanapur in Kolhapur, who wholeheartedly believed in his efforts.
His journey is an inspiration for many. With his obsession for acting, Ajit came to Mumbai. He did not know anybody in Mumbai. Initially, he did whatever work that came his way. It was necessary to hold on in Mumbai. After getting sufficient experience in plays, television and movies, he is now ready to show his directorial skills.
Ajit has written and directed  ‘Dhwaj Creation’ produced film ‘Fandi’. The shooting of ‘Fandi’ was done in taluka Aajra of Kolhapur and at Chitranagri in Mumbai. Coming to Mumbai, working on a tea-cart and at the same time dreaming of directing his own film is today a reality. The movie is releasing on the 20th July.
Sayali Shashikant Patankar is the presenter of the film, Rajesh Kharkar, Sayali Patankar and Mahendra Somase. Arun Nalawade, Bhushan Ghadi, Nitin Anand Bodare, Sandeep Juwatkar, Vishal  Sawant, Amol Desai, Baba Karde, Satish Hande, Phiroze Fakir, Bhagyashri Shinde, Sneha Sonawane, Sugandha Sawant, Chanda Jamble are the actors in this film.
Aadarsh Shinde, Bela Shende and Nagesh Morvekar have sung the songs. Bhushan Aangane, Mrunali Sable, Vitthoba Tejas, Amol Desai, Sachin Gaikwad, Jeetendra J. Bhambania and Anil Shinde are the co-producers of the film.