Sutradhar (2013) Marathi Movie

  • Movie : Sutradhaar (सूत्रधार)
  • Produced by : Vinod Ramesh Patil
  • Directed by : Pratik Kadam
  • Cast : Chinmay Mandlekar, Vinay Apte, Alka Kubal-Athlye, Aditi Sarangdhar,Sushant Shelar, Purva Pramod, Aby Fizardo, Bhushan Ghadi, Nayan Jadhav, Poonam Jadhav, Sunil Deo,Pradeep Patwardhan  , Kamlesh Sawant, Shekhar Phadke, Swapnil Jadhav, Janmejay Patil
  • Cinematography :Aniket K
  • Editor : Harshad Vaity
  • Music : Anand Menon
  • Story : Screnplay – Aniket K
  • Special Effects: Sumedh Pramod Walke
  • Release Date : 30th August 2013

Synopsis :

The upcoming Marathi feature film ‘Sutradhar’ is based on a single play of gambling involving a turnover of 2000 crores, 8 different countries, 6 individual characters, 1 winner and finally the single plotter of the conspiracy. Most amazing aspect of the story is that this single brain behind the conspiracy, the real ‘Sutradhar’ as it is called in Marathi, never reveals his own identity throughout even after turning the tides of this game according to his own priorities no matter whether they defy the interests of the puppets involved in the game to eventually lead it to the ultimate end perceived by him alone even after exposing those involved in the plot before the world at large. Few young boys and girls get kidnapped during the wee hours of the midnight and there begins a ghastly game full of blood and horror, one that is never thought or heard of happening earlier. This game that manifests into a gambling activity involving thousands of crores of dollars across several countries begins its bloody course in Mumbai. This game brought several questions on the forefront and also entrusted the task of seeking answers for them on the shoulders of a man who was otherwise not related in any manner whatsoever with all these happenings. Not only did the Mumbai Police or even the world of crime and their warlords were taken aback by the shock they were to confront but the whole state machinery in itself was overwhelmed by this deadly spell and the evil shadow cast over them. With such a sensational story is coming the upcoming Marathi feature film ‘Sutradhar’.