The Style of Guru’s goggles creating impact on Guru’s fans

Ankush Chaudhari the popular face of Marathi film industry, the man behind each and every outstanding performance is now in form for his style in Marathi movie ‘Guru’.  After the Classmates, Daagdi Chwaal and Double seat he is all set to rock again in action movie ‘Guru’ directed by Sanjay Jadhav. Guru is coming in the first month of New Year so this will be an awesome start of the 2016 year.  This movie has already created a buzz about the terrific action scenes and amazing style followed by Ankush as the leading star.
The character of Ankush in ‘Guru’ Movie is dashing & amazing and the way he is presenting his role is outstanding. The different shades of goggles worn by Ankush in this movie and this style have created a different impact on everyone. These goggles have become the style statement and everyone is going gaga over it. This style of Guru is getting viral on social media as well.
Guru Estyle contest has been started on the social media platforms for guru fans wherein people have to click pictures in Guru Pose and upload it online. People are loving this contest and it has got huge and wonderful response. It seems that the youth getting impressed and influenced by the style guru ‘Ankush Chaudhari’. The fabulous duo of Director Sanjay Jadhav and Ankush has successfully set a benchmark in by creating an impressive impact on the movie lovers. There is no doubt this movie and the style of Guru will do Hungama on screen and audience loves this style.
Be ready to enjoy the full entertainment package of ‘Bade Jigarwala Guru’s’ on 22nd January 2016.