Status of Women In India Today

The position and status of today’s Women in India is considered high in modern Indian Society. The  population of women is almost half of the total population of India. A country or a community cannot be considered civilized where women are not honoured.

Indian laws have been made without discrimination against women. As a result Indian women enjoy high position in our society. Women today occupy high ranking posts like. I.A.S, I.F.S. Indian Women are also in our Defense Services.

The modern Indian women participate in various sports and games like football, hockey, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis and also in athletics. The Contemporary Indian women serve as M.P., M.L.A, governors and ministers. Women of recent times like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Vijaylakshmi Pandit, M.S. Subhalakshmi, Lata Mangeskar and now the president of India Prativa Patil have achieved international fame. Women have also achieved high fame in the areas of literature, music and acting. More and more women are joining the field of science and technology. In fact there is no sphere of activity in which women are unsuitable or incompetent.

Lets now have a look at the darker side. Though the Indian law does not discriminate between men and women, the status of women of our country today is practically far below the status of men. Wife burning for failure to pay dowry as demanded also continues unabated all over India. It is a matter of great shock that such cases are increasing in every year. In our country bride is burnt or murdered for non-payment of dowry. The literacy rate of women is also lower than that of male persons almost all over India.

Though the status of today’s Women in India is high, the overall picture of women’s position in India is not satisfactory.