Small timer Pushkar Jog’s Hindi film Huff It’s Too Much

The music launch of Goosebump Entertainment’s Huff, It’s Too Much was a star-studded affair at Shockk at Bandra. Composers Saii-Piyush, singers Salim Merhant, Kunaal Ganjawala, Clinton Cerejo, TP Agarwal and Vibhu Agarwal made their presence felt along with the lead pair Pushkar Jog and Armeena Rana Khan.
Shot at interesting locations across the United Kingdom, the film marks Pushkar Jog’s directorial debut in Hindi and Indo-Brit actress Armeena Rana Khan’s acting debut. Huff, It’s Too Much is a romantic comedy revolving around a creative director, his quirky best friend and a woman that he is confused about. Those who don’t know Pushkar Jog, He has already played a very small character in the forgettable Sanjay Dutt starrer EMI (Easy Monthly Installment) – Liya Hai Toh Chukana Padega!
Commenting on the film, actor-director Pushkar Jog, said, “A youthful romcom set in London, Huff It’s Too Much deals with the trials and tribulations of young desi’s abroad. It is not just a funny take on their life and interaction, but also an out and out family film and with outstanding music.”
Huff, It’s too Much is all set for an October 25 release.