Short paragraph on My Grandparents

I have a sweet, loving grandmother. She is seventy years old. Her hair has turned grey. Yet, she is very active and always smiles. Her name is Sukanya Chowdhury. Every day she worships Goddess Kali very sincerely. I get ‘prasad’ from her. She gets up early in the morning. She calls me to wake up. My grandmother cares for everybody. She tells me stories of ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’. She knows many fairy tales. I love her very much.

My grandfather is seventy-two years old. His name is Sanjay Chowdhury. He is alert about his health. He goes out for a walk every morning. He loves to read books. He is very wise. He teaches me many things. He loves me deeply. I also love and respect my grandfather.

My grandparents are my guide, my teacher and my friends. I learn many new things while enjoying in their company. I thank God for blessing me with such wonderful grandparents.

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