Short note on Faizi in Akbar’s court

Faizi was a great poet and literary scholar in the court of Akbar. He had great authority over Persian language. He translated various Sanskrit works into Persian language. He was one among the navaratnas of Akbar. Faizi, like his brother Abul Fazl, was in constant attendance on the Emperor during his stay at Fatehpur Sikri.

Being impressed by Faizi, Akbar appointed him as tutor of his sons.

Faizi was born on September 24, 1547. He was the son of Shaikh Mubarak. In 1567, Faizi came to Emperor Akbar’s notice at the age of twenty. Faizi was the brother of Abul Fazl. The education of Faizi was mostly contributed by his father.

On Faizi’s death also Akbar was grieved and threw his turban on the ground and wept aloud by the side of the dying head of Faizi.

He died on October 5, 1595.