Short article on Kushana Culture

We will study the Kushana Culture under the following headings :

  • Kushan Religion
  • Kushan Literature
  • Kushan Architecture
  • Foreign Trade and contacts of Kushans.

Religion: Some of the Kushana rulers were devotees of God Siva, while Kanishka, the greatest among them, was a liberal patron of Buddhism. Buddhism enjoined the support of the rich and powerful elements.

Literature: The flow of Sanskritic culture remained continuous. The court of Kanishka was adorned by outstanding scholars like Parsva, Vashumitra, Charaka, Nagarjuna and above all Asvaghosa, who composed their monumental works on different subjects in Sanskrit.

Architecture: Kanishka was a great builder. The stupa which won the highest rebown in Asia was the relic tower erected by Kanishka at Prushaama (Peswar) over the relics of Buddha. Two distinct schools of sculpture which did emerge were known respectively as the Mathura and the Gandhara.

Cultural, contact with outside world: Kanishka did much to spread Buddhism to lands beyond India. It was during his reign that Kashyap Matanga and Dharmaratna, two great Indian missionaries, visited China. This was followed by a regular exchange of visitors between the two countries which came into intimate contact with each other.