Short article on Impact of Westernization in India

This is a short article on Impact of Westernization in India.

In Indian sociology the term ‘Westernization’ refers to the social changes that have occurred in India during the British rule and after. The impact of Westernization in India covers :

  • lifestyle relating to eating, dressing, dancing, and entertainment etc.
  • mental aspects such as knowledge of English, literature and science;
  • and value aspects like punctually, rationalism, humanitarianism, secularism etc.

Thus the:

  • youth revolt against orthodox ways of living,
  • rejection of taboos regarding food and social relationships;
  • taking in of western habits and practices such as pop and Jazz music, mod dresses;
  • subscribing to liberal views and reforms, are all the impacts of westernization in India.

However, it is not to be assumed that westernization is wholly beneficial; nor does it mean that westernization is the same as it industrialization, operation of modern economy, development of science and technology and the like.